Heated Bed Upgrade


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Heated Bed Upgrade

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Upgrade your printer with this Heated Bed and print with material like ABS, PLA XT and all material which like a heated bed for adhesion.

The Heated Bed Upgrade can easily be installed onto your Mamba3D v1.0 printer. Follow the manual, install the new provided firmware, plug in your printer and heat it up.

Only a small amount of UHU is needed to stick your prints to the printbed. Not only will this upgrade allow you to print with many more materials besides the normal PLA, it will also make sure the larger PLA objects have excellent adhesion to the printbed. It even keeps your coffee warm when not printing!

The Heated Bed Upgrade Kit consists of:

  • Heat Pad with integrate Thermistor
  • Dedicated PSU
  • Solid State Relay
  • Power Connector Plate
  • Bits, bolts and wires

A step-by-step manual is provide for an easy installation.

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