Mamba3D 3D-Printer Kit v1.0


Do you want to experience the unlimited possibilities of 3Dprinting? Are you looking for an affordable 3Dprinter that delivers high quality prints and is easy to use?   Check out the video of our succesful Kickstarter campaign to see the printer in action: The Mamba3D printe...


Mamba3D 3D-Printer V2.0 with Heated Bed and Auto Bed Levelling

The Mamba3D Printer v2.0 now includes a heated bed and auto bed levelling. With the heated bed you are able to print a wide variety of materials like: PLA ABS Nylon HIPS The printer also comes with an Auto Bed Levelling Sensor. No need for adjusting the print build...


Heated Bed Upgrade

Upgrade your printer with this Heated Bed and print with material like ABS, PLA XT and all material which like a heated bed for adhesion. The Heated Bed Upgrade can easily be installed onto your Mamba3D v1.0 printer. Follow the manual, install the new provided firmware, plug in your printer a...


Auto Bed Level Upgrade

Upgrade your printer with the Auto Bed Level Upgrade and your Mamba3D will self-calibrate before each printjob. Before each printjob, the printer will measure the distance between nozzle and printbed at several points on the bed. During printing the printer will follow the height of the print...


Welcome to the MyMatics Webshop

If you are a maker, a 'maker-in-the-making', a 'creative-mind', an experienced 3D-printer / designer or if want to take you first steps into the 3D-printing world, we are probably looking for you!

The Mamba3D is THE ideal machine to start exploring the wonderful world of 3D-printing. We made a modular machine, just to make sure you are always up-to-date. Whether you start off with the basic Mamba3D printer or with the extended Mamba3D v2.0 printer, you'll always have the possibility to get your modular add-ons and expand your current machine. This way you'll keep track in the fast changing development of 3D-printing.

Prices in the webshop are displayed without VAT and shipping costs. For orders inside the EU we need to charge 21% VAT (orders outside the EU are free of VAT). To check on the prices including VAT and/or shipping costs, go to your shopping cart to get a quote for the total price.

Company info

MyMatics started in 2012 in The Netherlands and has a focus on new technologies. The tremendous advancements made in the 3D-printing area have intrigued us for several years. We are passionate about 3D-printing and we are convinced 3D-printing will change our everyday life. Making this technology available for everybody is our challenge now.

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